Kimura Yoshihito
1st. Year H.S. Student (Start of Series)

Now in his 3rd Year








N/A (Obese)

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color

N/A (His eyes are often closed)


young girls
getting trampled
figurine collectibles


getting dumped

A junior member of the Watari fanclub, same year with Akuno and Midoritani. He has no distinctive, clothing but he is the only obese character so far in the series.

When it comes to girls, Kimura is infamously known to be an obsessed pervert and a masochist. He is mostly together with Aoki in the series as the main comic relief of the gang. They apparently share the same misfortunes. Although they worship Kyouko, they do prefer girls with “breasts”. He can undress instantly, and is not ashamed to wear only his underpants. Such habit in public gets him arrested by the police. In combination of this, he has a fetish of being stepped over by women willingly by laying down on the ground. Jiro’s “contract enforcement paper” was apparently ineffective to correct his bad habit due to Kimura’s strong masochistic nature. In a group discussion, he generally brings up a “dirty” conclusion, especially if girls are involved in the topic. He is capable to harassing women, even if they are from the Evil organization or the Allies of Justice.

Being on the same year with Akuno Jiro, he sometimes abuses his inventions as well as his place in the Kill-them-all Organization. When when Jiro’s ‘Soul Swap Machine’ caused an accident that swapped his body from Jiro and Pochi, he took advantage of Akuno’s body just to peek at the women of the Watari household. Suprisingly, he can also use Akuno’s Autocape quite well.

Kimura was elected after Akagi, as the president of the Student Council of the school by default during the “cursed” election in school. The other candidates were Akuno Jiro and Kuruso Yoh, but they fought each other

Kimura Yoshihito in his usual antic.

and had to withdraw from the campaign before having their turn at the presidential speech.

He intends to assign Akira Kurosawa, Shizuka Kusakabe, and Hanako Midoritani as his Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary respectively. Kimura also hangs out with other “otaku” individuals (singles), and has interest in miniature figurines. He also owns a webblog called “Step-by-step 365” that receives 2000 hits a day.