Jiro Akuno

Jiro Akuno (阿久野 ジロー Akuno Jiro) is the male protagonist of the manga series. He is a former mad scientist and he works for an evil organization called "Kill Them All.". He is also the heir of the said organization.

Much like the Aku in his name suggests, Jiro has quite the demonic look with his evil eyes (by anime standards as opposed to bishounen or bubble eyes) and sharp teeth. He is a genius, if not manical, inventor and has tons of inventions and weapons at his disposal, ranging from a shape shifting cape to what appears to be a huge dimension travelling robot and capped off by an extremely powerful laser sattelite. He is currently attending school while freeloading in his uncle's home after Kill Them All met an unfortunate end at the hands of the Heroes of Justice. At least one member of the Heroes of Justice is currently observing them (Kurosawa Akira) as it was unheard of for a completely annhilated evil organization to return. Jiro's greatest joy in life was to modify things. This evolved when he first met his cousin Kyouko when both were still very young and Jiro has only strengthened his desire to modify her body. He is expected to leave school and return back home once funding is complete and their hideout has been rebuilt.

Character Personality/Temperament:

Jiro is a very innocent adolescent boy, at least socially, due to having lived all his life as part of a high ranking member in an evil organization. He frequently exhibits manly or heroic impressions and have caused many females to fall in love with him. Being socially inept and somewhat sheltered, Jiro is therefore childish and romantically stunted. It should be noted however, while he does not understand why, he does become aroused at the sight of either nude or scantily dressed women. Due to his upbringing in the evil organization, Jirou has also developed a sense of arrogrance which came from years of overlording over questionably dressed subordinates.