Akagi Ryuuji
2nd Year H.S. Student (Start of Series)
Now Graduated









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N/A (Concelaed by his glasses)


Watari Kyouko


Student Council Duties
Akuno Jiro(before)

He is the head of the Watari Fan Club and the president of the student council in their school, (in which the title was turned over to Kimura the following year). Akagi is known from wearing round eyeglasses and has a shaggy hair covering his ears. Unlike normal students, his uniform is a long sleeved shirt with matching pants, and an arm band representing as president of the student council. He wears this uniform for almost throughout the series even in private group outings.

Among the group, he is the tallest next to Aoki. According to Midoritani, he is physically and mentally fit, surpassing Nakatsugawa in swimming and equally matched in sprinting, In the college entrance exams, he was able to pass in which Aoki couldn’t. Neither his family nor his personal background was ever mentioned in the series. He is also Left handed.

As a leader of the fanclub, he has a subtle nature and tends to be serious in outside situations. As a fanatic of Watari Kyouko however, he is also comical. Though he splendours in Watari’s “god given” figure, he has his own idea for modification in contrast to Akuno Jiro’s concept. Akagi has persuading powers, convincing his fellow members (or sometimes influenced by them) to do drastic measures with regards to their perverted interests, especially if it involves Watari.


Akagi showing Akuno Jiro his modification concept of his goddess, Watari Kyouko as a catgirl.

As the president of student council, he tends to be lazy and refrains from doing his tasks as observed by his vice president Todoroki Sachiko. Such bad habits were once corrected by Akuno’s “contract enforcement paper” invention, but eventually, he performed his role well in the student council at the end of his term.

Other than Midoritani, he is one of Akuno Jiro’s closest friend. They are quite in good terms and respect each other well. In certain situations, he usually corrects Jiro from resorting to violence or by creating an uproar that might bother other civilians. He also persuaded Jiro to run for presidency at the Student Council.

In the series, he and Nakatsugawa Aki had some close interactions which soon proved that their relationship was recognized as official. Their running gag was that Akagi teases Nakatsugawa from a certain discussion, and he ends up being chased, otherwise, Nakatsugawa strangles his neck. Akagi’s little heroic deed to Nakatsugawa during the Sanyousai Festival and the New Years Eve, earned her affection towards him, unfortunately, his oblivious nature makes him unaware of her abrupt feelings.

Akagi Ryuuji has graduated from High School and is going to study in a college near Tokyo. He decides to commute there by working part-time at Nakatsugawa’s grill restaurant.